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The small ports and marinas of the Adriatic are facing a complex situation, due to the presence of a greater supply than demand and the increase in the average age of users. Intensifying competitiveness is therefore a priority for these realities, both in Italy and Croatia, which will be able to profit from new business models, measures and actions aimed at a general improvement of their efficiency.

The FRAMESPORT toolbox

Sustainable growth

SG-T1 - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Guidelines

SG-T2 - Sustainability Checklist

SG-T3 - Strategic Guidelines for the development of touristic ports

SG-T4 - Planning Guide for regeneration of urban port areas

SG-T5 - Sensitisation campaigns Checklist

SG-T6 - Practical guidance on e-mobility connection services

SG-T7 - Model Framework for a pollutant dispersion forecasting system

SG-T8 - Training Plan on traditional maritime activities and craftmanship

SG-T9 - Database of classic and vintage boats on digital platform “Maestri d’Ascia”

Business development
System Management
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