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As part of the FRAMESPORT project, a series of innovative and experimental ICT tools has been developed aimed at promoting a smarter, safer, and greener management of small ports, increasing their accessibility, efficiency and connectivity with the territory, and making them more attractive for customers.

Below you can see the list of the developed IT tools. It is possible to download them from the appropriate links.

Port Mrljane


FramesPort is the free multilingual platform to book and manage berths and moorings in touristic ports and marinas.
The FramespPort app (iOS and Android)) and its companion web platform provide services to the marina managers as well as to the yachtsmen.
The marinas can easily manage berths, moorings and bookings.
While yachtsmen can book the best moorings for their needs and find out all the information to enjoy the tourist attractions around the port.

maestri d'ascia

Ancient crafts and new technologies: the craft of the shipwright

The Action aims to strengthen the development of professional skills and the exchange of technology, with a view to promoting the recovery and promotion of the profession of Shipwright for new generations, including through the creation of a Database of connections, knowledge and skills in the field of classic and historical sailing boats in the North Adriatic area.

Monfalcone Experience

An innovative territorial tourism offer management system will be implemented, starting from the promotion in local nautical centers and marinas, for the discovery and enjoyment of tourist, cultural and environmental elements of the Monfalcone territory through a digital storytelling path, with immersive-type experiences with the activation of an AR Augmented Reality system.

smart mobility platform to serve the port of Vasto

As part of the Framesport project, ARAP has developed an innovative smart mobility platform to serve the port of Vasto (Chieti – Abruzzo Region) and pursues the main objective of monitoring the logistics flows in the port area. This platform makes it possible to detect license plates in transit and consequently facilitate the control of vehicular flows and the automatic opening of gates to authorized parties. It also satisfies the enhancement of service and safety levels, in fact the platform detects vehicle presences, permanence times and other statistical information.


Showing ports with unoccupied and occupied berths; dark green and light green vessels indicate occupancy of communal berths – dark green contracts signed before 2020 that last indefinitely while light green means contracts signed after the beginning of 2020 and last for 5 years. Empty green vessels are unoccupied berth, empty white vessels mean unoccupied nautical berth, while dark blue vessels mean occupied nautical berth regulated by contract or invoice.

framesportpuglia app

The webApp is a free multilanguage Portal in which boaters and yachtsmen can easily find useful information for their trip. In the section dedicated to berths and mooring booking, you can find all the information and contacts of Pilot ports and marinas. There is also a section dedicated to the Puglia promotion with historical and cultural information on the Pilot Areas. Moreover, Framesport Puglia gives you other free services such as meteo-marine information and ship routing with the aim of organizing your trip in freedom and safety.


The FRAMESPORT DSS, known as STEADFAST, is a tailored decision support system for the FRAMESPORT project. It offers essential data, analysis, and a user-friendly interface, enhancing decision-making and guiding strategic actions. By integrating various modules and data sources, it provides a holistic view of small ports and supports sustainable development in the Adriatic basin. It prioritizes usability, ensuring accessibility for users of all levels, empowering them with intuitive tools for effective decision-making.


A web service that provides information regarding meteo-oceanographic conditions and forecast, based on a high-resolution model covering the Adriatic Sea. It offers valuable assistance to boaters, contributing to the improvement of safety conditions in harbours and navigation.


A decision support system for leisure boats in the Adriatic Sea, with the main purpose of providing least-time routes for sailboats and least-CO2 routes for motorboats.

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